Introducing the TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace

    Where experience and innovation combine to shape the future

    Welcome to this showroom for industrial IoT.
    Here we introduce the TOSHIBA SPINEX services
    that will overcome challenges facing our customers and society

    TOSHIBA SPINEX and its marketplace will evolve
    with our customers' businesses.

    Toshiba Group is undergoing a fundamental transformation from a general electronics manufacturer to become a leading global infrastructure systems and services company.

    Central to this is the creation of IoT services, TOSHIBA SPINEX services, unique to Toshiba Group. We do this by combining OT (operational technology) from the physical world with IT (information technology), drawing on over 150 years of accumulated expertise from working with customers to develop, operate, and maintain equipment and devices that support essential infrastructure.

    TOSHIBA SPINEX services bring experience and insights gained from installing all kinds of equipment in facilities around the world to the task of helping our customers to overcome issues arising from social concerns, such as the climate crisis, aging infrastructure and the novel coronavirus.

    TOSHIBA SPINEX services support a wide range of industries and society

    Energy icon

    Thermal power, nuclear power, renewable energy, hydrogen energy, the power grid, etc.

    Infrastructure icon

    Water and the environment, buildings & facilities, security, railways, etc.

    Manufacturing icon

    Product lifecycle management, smart manufacturing, supply chain management, operation and maintenance, etc.

    Logistics icon

    Warehouse management, tracking & location management, transportation quality control, etc.

    TOSHIBA SPINEX services are open and secure

    TOSHIBA SPINEX satisfies two criteria essential for supporting infrastructure safety and security
    and creating value in cooperation with numerous third-party services.

    About SPINEX

    The first is API, the application programing interface. We offer services with an architecture open to other services via APIs, rather than closed and self-contained. This openness frees us to link with other services and create more value.

    Second is security. Each business has its particular security requirement. We offer our customers comprehensive explanations that enable them to determine for themselves whether our services meet security requirements for their business.