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    In accordance with global standards,
    we have established criteria suitable for our social infrastructure services.
    This standard consists of the following two pillars.

    The first is the API (interface). We want service architectures to be open via APIs (interfaces) rather than being closed as a single unit, in order to create new value by linking with other services.

    The second is security. The security required for a service depends on your business. Therefore, we request the clear exposition of security policies for each service so that you can make your own judgment.

    “TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace offers services
    that have been certified to meet this standard.”

    “Think Big, Execute Small”

    The TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace is named after our big thoughts.

    Hiroshi Yamamoto, TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace director, CTO of Corporate Digitization, Toshiba Corporation

    At this point, the TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace is not yet a marketplace. It is a showroom. We gave top priority to opening this place to everyone so that, with your feedback, the TOSIHBA SPINEX Marketplace will continuously evolve.

    We will make this place a marketplace. We will also open the TOSHIBA SPINEX brand to third parties, so that their services meeting our standards can be sold on this Marketplace.
    We will make happen the TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace in this way, by creating a place where services cooperate with each other to function as one big system, a system of systems supporting the social infrastructure more widely and effectively.

    “Identify Wow”

    TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace is a new window connecting global customers with Toshiba's industrial IoT services. Through this window, we take communication with our customers to a higher level. And we will create a lot of Wow together.

    We look forward to your feedback. TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace will continue to evolve with you.

    Hiroshi Yamamoto

    TOSHIBA SPINEX Marketplace director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Corporate Digitization, Toshiba Corporation

    Hiroshi Yamamoto joined a Japanese electronics manufacturer in 1982 where he was in charge of embedded firmware development. In 1988 he joined IBM Japan and in 1993 entered the Systems Engineering Division, where he was in charge of the deployment of distributed object and distributed computing to enterprise systems. He was appointed as “Global Electronics Industry CTO” by IBM Corporation in 2013. He has been in his current position since July 2018.