RTI Tracing Service

    A tracking and location management service for RTI, Returnable Transport Items
    • Logistics
    Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
    October 27, 2020
    English, Japanese


    A rising shortage in workforce

    With the declining working population, work efficiency and work style reforms are being called for, and the labor shortage is becoming particularly serious in the logistics industry. At logistics sites and warehouses, the exclusive assignment of certain tasks to specific veteran staff makes it difficult to find their replacement. It is becoming more and more important to maintain the quality of logistics and strengthen competitiveness by automating operations, reducing labor and leveling work.


    Use IoT to track the location of RTI and streamline their management

    By automatically collecting the location data of returnable transport items using RFID, and visualizing their movement, it contributes to the reduction of distribution costs, such as reducing the burden on managers and realizing appropriate asset management.

    The identifying number included in RFID corresponds to the EPC* code system, and can be used with the supply chain in mind.

    (*) EPC:An identification code for electronic tags standardized by GS1 (an organization developing international standards for supply chains)


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