AI Grade Determination Service

    A solution for metal structure inspection automation
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    Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
    October 27, 2020
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    Compliance awareness about inspection data is increasing

    Steel makers and manufacturers who process steel to make parts have to analyze the mechanical properties (strength, hardness, fatigue characteristics, etc.) of their materials and control the quality of their products in order to select the optimum metal according to the process contents of the target products.

    The metal structure inspection is a test in which a piece of steel is observed with a microscope and graded based on the shape and distribution of the metallographic structure.

    Being mainly a visual inspection relying on human senses and expertise, it has proved to be difficult to automate. But in recent years awareness about compliance, such as the prevention of falsified inspection data has increased. Automation in order to perform inspections without human intervention has gained focus.


    Reproducing a skilled eye

    In order to automate sensory inspections, we have developed an image analysis system based on artificial intelligence, and are currently proceeding with its evaluation with steel manufacturers. Utilizing Toshiba Analytics AI SATLYS™, our artificial intelligence, trained based on various training data sets incorporating the knowledge of experts, will perform evaluation about the crystal grain size of steel material quality on the cloud. It achieves a recognition accuracy close to that of a skilled worker's visual inspection.

    This service utilizes a cloud based architecture that reproduce a skilled eye for sharing models, data, and expertise so that anyone can use its evaluation skill.


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