Photovoltaic power generation forecast

    VPP related forecasting/controlling service ― Precise solar PV generation forecast using Toshiba's weather forecast technology and site data obtained in the past.
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    Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
    October 27, 2020
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    Problem Identification

    Under deregulated electricity power market, power generation utilities will be responsible for its power balancing, therefore, making accurate photovoltaic forecasting is a key technology to avoid the imbalances.

    About the Service

    This service predicts the photovoltaic power genaration using Toshiba's unique weather prediction technology and AI technology.

    This service is part of our Electric Power Business Platform. It can be freely combined with the other services on the platform.


    Customer Benefit

    Imbalance in power generation can be suppressed, ensuring the continuity of business under the deregulated power market.

    Why Toshiba

    We have prepared several prevision models based on our original weather forecast technology and the learning data accumulation period.


    Screen Samples


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