Data Management System Based on Engineering DrawingsCross-data coordination service

    EnergyVisualization, analytics, AI
    Seamless access to diverse information sources is realized by using the engineering drawings in daily use as an interface.
    Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
    Cross-sectional checking of various data is a challenge

    Stable operation of electric power systems requires utility companies to cross-check data in areas such as operation data, specifications, and equipment records, and to check paper documents and individual systems. There is a risk of increased O&M costs.

    Seamless data access to reduce O&M work time

    Engineering drawings relied on in daily operations in power generation and transformation provide an interface for seamless access to various other information. This seamless linking of information can reduce the time required for a series of operations and maintenance.

    Benefits of this service

    Contributes to solving the following customer issues.

    • Reduced risk of increased operation and maintenance costs
    • Fast, flexible troubleshooting
    • Lower O&M workload

    The brand name for industrial IoT services compliant with the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture.

    Find out more here: Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture realizes Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

    Thoughts behind the name SPINEX

    SPINE + X

    The spine is our body’s central support structure, our core, home to the spinal cord that radiates nerves throughout or bodies. In the same way as the nervous system allows us to experience the world, edge computing delivers fast decisions in data processing by distributing sensing and control to every point where it is needed.

    Our spine makes us strong and agile. We can do the same for your business, and contribute to society, by providing an essential industrial IoT framework that supports your people and operations with fast, appropriate on-site processing.

    The X of SPINEX represents eXperience and  eXpansion, and the crossover with other value creators and services. This is how we will create the future with TOSHIBA SPINEX Services.

    Two pillars of the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture compliance standard

    APIThe service is an open interface, not closed on itself, an architecture that enables third parties to safely create value.
    SecurityThe service implements system security that meets global standards. We can provide customers with all the information they need to assess those standards, and determine whether or not the service meets their business’ security requirements.