Crack Detection

    EnergyVisualization, analytics, AI
    AI trained to detect cracks in images of concrete reduces on-site workloads and shortens task times.
    Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
    Inspections of hydropower plants

    Headrace tunnels in hydropower plants must be inspected regularly. Detecting small surface cracks in the dark, over distances as long as several kilometers, is a long, arduous, labor intensive process.

    Using AI to detect cracks

    AI processing supports inspectors by analyzing photographic images of tunnel walls to detect and visualize even minute cracks.

    This is a microservice, one of the building blocks of TOSHIBA SPINEX for Energy. See also Related Services below.

    Three gains
    1. Shorter on-site maintenance times.
    2. On-site work is limited to acquiring image data, either stills or video, and training and know-how in identifying cracks are not requirements.
    3. Data recorded on-site can be locally stored in a database for later visual verification by a specialist.
    Why Toshiba
    1. Crack detection technology that reduces on-site work, with no need for a skilled operator
    2. Eliminates the need for the pre-training of usual AI (machine learning)
    3. Uses standard image classification techniques to determine the presence or absence of cracks, and visualizes any cracks in the image
    4. Application not limited to tunnel walls
    Screen Samples

    Patrol screen sample

    Screen capture

    Crack detection screen sample

    Screen capture

    The brand name for industrial IoT services compliant with the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture.

    Find out more here: Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture realizes Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

    Thoughts behind the name SPINEX

    SPINE + X

    The spine is our body’s central support structure, our core, home to the spinal cord that radiates nerves throughout or bodies. In the same way as the nervous system allows us to experience the world, edge computing delivers fast decisions in data processing by distributing sensing and control to every point where it is needed.

    Our spine makes us strong and agile. We can do the same for your business, and contribute to society, by providing an essential industrial IoT framework that supports your people and operations with fast, appropriate on-site processing.

    The X of SPINEX represents eXperience and  eXpansion, and the crossover with other value creators and services. This is how we will create the future with TOSHIBA SPINEX Services.

    Two pillars of the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture compliance standard

    APIThe service is an open interface, not closed on itself, an architecture that enables third parties to safely create value.
    SecurityThe service implements system security that meets global standards. We can provide customers with all the information they need to assess those standards, and determine whether or not the service meets their business’ security requirements.