TOSHIBA SPINEX for EnergyEnergy IoT Services

    Select and link required features from modularly designed and componentized services, and use them to customize your own environments.
    Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
    Digital services for infrastructure that meet the wide-ranging needs of utility companies

    Recent years have seen environmental awareness and concerns rise on the global scale, even as power utilities work to deliver stable, resilient power supply, and to enhance their management efficiency. Other utilities, our providers of water and sewerage services, gas and rail transport, also face management challenges, including an urgent need for disaster countermeasures and enhanced facility security.

    IoT-based digital transformation underpins the development of innovative strategies for taking on all of these issues, and many more.

    Toshiba Group knows the world’s utilities must cut energy costs, improve equipment availability, mitigate disaster risk, and advance decarbonization (RE100), and is supporting them with digital services for infrastructure, including solutions for energy management and improved thermal efficiency.

    Here we introduce our DX service lineup for the electric power business.

    From on-site issues to management decisions,
    a wide range of services for solving problems

    From immediate, on-site problem solving, including O&M optimization, security and thermal energy management, to solutions for management decision-making in areas such as total value-chain optimization to meet our customers’ actual and potential needs, we offer comprehensive and still evolving infrastructure services.

    Our Energy Business Platform unifies these diverse capabilities.

    Services that advance user-friendliness

    Service design grounded in the user experience (UX) centers on what, where and when users want to do something, and the behavior of service users. Our objective is efficient provision of a series of services equipped with a user interface (UI) that guarantees ease-of-use, and that are a complete fit for the customer’s business.

    UX driven Design Method
    The freedom to easily combine services
    that your business needs

    We have developed a platform that uses the Dashboard Service, Dashboards, and microservices as building blocks, and which allows us to combine them and build a variety of services following the UX-Driven Design Methodology. From within the range of services, those that best meet the needs and issues of your business can be selected and freely combined. Once that is done, they are integrated in a user-centered UI, a Dashboard designed from the perspective of the UX and selected microservices, with currently available services clearly displayed on the Dashboard. We are also developing new UX/UI centered on user's business operation concerns, and we will release dashboards equipped with this UX/UI.

    UI (Dashboards)
    Combination example 1. Application in the power generation business

    The first step is designing UI and UX on the basis of the customer's facilities and operations in Dashboard Service.

    Information extracted by Real-Time Monitoring of Plant Efficiency can be visualized via Dashboard for Power Plants, and related engineering drawings can be efficiently retrieved with Data Management System Based on Engineering Drawings.

    The Dashboard for Power Plants page provides more information.

    Dashboard for power plants

    Dashboard for Power Plants

    Combination example 2. Application in the power transmission and distribution business

    The first step is designing UI and UX on the basis of the customer's facilities and operations in Dashboard Service.

    Detecting Signs of Failure in Operation Data looks for problems, which are displayed on Dashboard for Substations. Data Management System Based on Engineering Drawings allows users to get to the engineering drawings they need to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

    The Dashboard for Substations page provides more information.

    Dashboard for substations

    Dashboard for Substations

    Combination example 3. Application in the Virtual Power Plant business

    The first step is designing UI and UX on the basis of the customer's facilities and operations in the Dashboard Service.

    Electric Power Demand Forecast and Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecast support realization of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) business.

    The brand name for industrial IoT services compliant with the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture.

    Find out more here: Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture realizes Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

    Thoughts behind the name SPINEX

    SPINE + X

    The spine is our body’s central support structure, our core, home to the spinal cord that radiates nerves throughout or bodies. In the same way as the nervous system allows us to experience the world, edge computing delivers fast decisions in data processing by distributing sensing and control to every point where it is needed.

    Our spine makes us strong and agile. We can do the same for your business, and contribute to society, by providing an essential industrial IoT framework that supports your people and operations with fast, appropriate on-site processing.

    The X of SPINEX represents eXperience and  eXpansion, and the crossover with other value creators and services. This is how we will create the future with TOSHIBA SPINEX Services.

    Two pillars of the Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture compliance standard

    APIThe service is an open interface, not closed on itself, an architecture that enables third parties to safely create value.
    SecurityThe service implements system security that meets global standards. We can provide customers with all the information they need to assess those standards, and determine whether or not the service meets their business’ security requirements.